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The Crimson Idol Tour

On February 17th I had the pleasure of seeing W.A.S.P. for a second time. Me & Anthony traveled all the way to Hartford, CT to see this show. I really driving from to and back because it's such a long ass drive and we always seem to get lost trying to come. I'm starting to know why W.A.S.P. never tours in Massachusetts. Also every time they tour in the United States they also have shitty supporting bands with them to start off the show. It was just really terrible and I can't believe how ungrateful W.A.S.P. is of there fans. I find it funny how they come from the United States and can't sell out venues here but when they tour over seas they sell out. I will never figure out why that happens. It's weird how United States bands sell out over seas but never in there own country. The show was supposed to start around around 6:30 but it didn't. They had bands playing on the underground stage but not on the main stage. I was very furious it wasn't even funny. Here are the bands that I saw.

Perish Hill: This was a pretty good underground band that isn't signed. I was really
getting into their music. I really liked their song called "Viking Horde". Now that is a good tune. If you wanna check them out, here is the link to their myspace page

Kill Your Demons: Now this band was pretty good as well for not being a signed band. They are crossed between Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. Other people might say that they sound like Napalm Death but I think they sound more like Cannibal Corpse & Six Feet Under. I really enjoyed their music a lot and got a free demo of their stuff. If you wanna check them out, here is the link to their myspace page

I don't remember the rest of the bands that played on this stage.

Liquid Violence: This band sucked, enough said. The music sounded like shit and they think that punk music is alive and well when in reality it's dead and buried. The only punk music that is around if that pop punk stuff and that screamo punk stuff. This band did a very bad attempt at thrash/punk. Liquid Violence was just awful and I don't recommend them at all. That's how bad they were. Stay away from this band because it's like hearing nails on a chalkboard.

Fatal Smile: This band was just as bad as Liquid Violence but maybe just a little better. The bassist was a cheap Nikki Sixx rip-off. The bassist also looked like a cheap rip-off of Tommy Lee. Fatal Smile is stuck in the whole 80's glam metal scene when in reality this scene is dead buried and never to return. They didn't impress me at all and I was bored with there performance. Fatal Smile didn't get off the stage until around 10:30. It just took forever for this band to play. I don't recommend either, thats how bad they were. Stay away from this band because they sound like every other 80s glam metal band.

W.A.S.P.: They took forever to play their set. Blackie Lawless could give 2 fucks about his fans. That bastard made us wait until 11:00 to here is fucking music. I was fucking pissed because I was tired and I just wanted to get home. When he came out, I give him 2 middle fingers to show him how I felt. WASP played the whole Crimson Idol album which is one of my favorite albums by them. I don't think anyone in the audience gave a piss about them playing. I was in the very front and not once person was moving to the music nor was anyone head banging to the music. Now these people at this show were older than me and know about WASP than me and yet they didn't show it that night. I was very happy that they played the Crimson Idol in order. That's the best part and I also saw the video story of Johnathan. I totally recommend this album because it's good from start to finish. Go out and get it now because you won't be disappointed. Once they finished the Crimson Idol album, they took a short break. WASP was nice enough to put on Popeye the cartoon. They came back out and played Love Machine & Blind In Texas and that was the end of the show. WASP didn't end their set until 12:30 am. It was a very long evening and I hope I never have to do it again.
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