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Matt Busch

My new Art Book! Lots of Rock Art!

Hey folks,

In 2001, my first art book, FANTASTIC VISIONS, was published by Avatar Press. It was a cool book, but the color section was relatively small, and it only featured drawings and paintings of properties I own. In other words, no STAR WARS, or any of the other cool properties I've worked with.

Last year, my second art book, PUCKER, was published by SQP. While this was my first full color art book, it featured my glamour, pin-up and good girl art. While it did show many of the licensed properties, the focus was only with ones that featured the ladies.

Now, I'm proud to announce THE WORLDS OF MATT BUSCH, which is being published by Hermes Press!

Finally, a book that will show all the different sides of my art. From Sci-Fi to Horror to many of the Music acts I've worked with... This book will have it all! From MOTLEY CRUE to ALICE COOPER to FOO FIGHTERS to OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK SABBATH, MARILYN MANSON, and more!

Designed lavishly by Daniel Herman, this huge book actually has twice as many pages as PUCKER! Extra glossy and thick stock paper- this book will be classy! If you're even remotely fond of my work- this is definitely the book to get!

You can preorder the book right now at Target- and you'll save a whopping 34% off the cover price! Click the image above!

Thanks so much for your support!
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